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In June 2008, Independent Investments, an investment holding company founded by Fabrizio Capua, acquired Mauro Demetrio S.p.A. Fabrizio Capua therefore took over as CEO bringing with him a team of professionally qualified managers to run and develop the business according to the scheduled project: a sustainable industrial plan, focused not only on a strategic and economic planning that was both well-coordinated and feasible, but also and most importantly based on “good sense” and a “proactive approach”. The new management team has now set its sights on achieving a firmer foothold in the Italian market and further strengthening the Company’s distribution on overseas markets, focusing once again on the Company’s undisputed product quality and more than 65 years of experience. Already present in more than 35 Countries across the world, Caffè Mauro has set itself a new challenge: to acquire a stronger foothold in the foreign markets, thus increasing its international market share. Caffè Mauro has retained all the traditional values that are part of its ethos and is a future-oriented Company, led by businessmen and managers united on an important objective: to let consumers all over the world enjoy the excellence of espresso coffee.

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Caffè Mauro blends The best blends are a combination of three, four or more types of coffee from different sources, because their characteristics are neutrally enhanced and complemented. Arabica blends, for example, are mellow and aromatic, while those with a Robusta base are sharper and more full-bodied. Caffè Mauro blends the finest varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that are carefully sourced from selected plantations across the world where it regularly checks the quality of production. 

Caffè Mauro has developed an assortment of the highest-grade blends painstakingly selected to guarantee the pleasure of this traditional daily ritual for the food and restaurant/café industries: 

• exclusive blends of 100% Coffea Arabica for the most refined, aromatic and delicate coffee 
• classic blends of Arabica and Robusta coffees, artfully ground, with rich flavor and intense aroma
• blends, among the first in Italy, developed specifically for home espresso machines, where special blending, roasting and grinding guarantee a creamy espresso with an aromatic flavor, just as tasty as the one you drink in a café 
• decaffeinated blends, ideal for those who wish to avoid caffeine but still enjoy coffee 
• blends of premium quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans for retail stores, restaurants and cafés and vending machines


Forever focused on sourcing quality and coming up with new ways of experiencing and interpreting the coffee culture, the Company has developed a way of making the perfect espresso in one single, simple operation: SEM, Sistema Espresso Mauro. This new system is ideal for the home or office. Innovative espresso machines that combine next-generation technology with an exclusive, elegant design to guarantee excellent extraction of exclusive Caffè Mauro blends for an espresso with an intense aroma, always creamy and every bit as good as barista-made espresso. 


In 1997 Caffè Mauro inaugurated its latest fully automated production facility in the industrial area of Villa San Giovanni, near Reggio Calabria, to produce a variety of blends of roasted coffee. After a careful selection at the source of the best varieties of coffee and expert blending, the new facility ensures optimal management of all production stages. Roasting methods can be flexibly arranged based on coffee type/quality. Each type of coffee has in fact a specific roasting curve that is stored in the computerized control system. The new system also makes it possible to perfectly control flows of fresh and heated air, thus eliminating the risk of over-roasting. For the Caffè Mauro management team, research into advanced production technology has always been coupled with achieving premium product quality. In order to guarantee the finest quality to its customers, the Company decided to “go back” to the “slow roasting” method and to invest in those precious minutes of roasting that are so critical for ensuring the preservation of the organoleptic properties of the coffee beans.


The taste of Caffè Mauro is so special because it respects natural roasting times. Bean roasting is the most important and delicate moment in the coffee-making process because it determines the quality and aroma of a good espresso coffee. During this step coffee beans undergo what is known as the “Maillard reaction”: the bean loses weight, changes color, increases in size and develops an aroma.

Unlike many Companies, which use 5-6 minute high-temperature industrial roasting cycles, Caffè Mauro uses a “slow” method, with 15-18 minute cycles at much lower temperatures. At the end of the cycle, before preparing the blends, the coffee is air-cooled to “stop the cooking process” and avoid the serious risk of over-roasting.

Being slow is considered to be a resource, not a limit, by the Company. In fact, slow roasting guarantees blends of a superior quality because: 
• the water contained in the green beans evaporates slowly, without causing the harmful “popcorn effect” 
• sugars are caramelized without burning, thus guaranteeing that there is no bitter aftertaste 
• the precious essential oils, which define the fragrance of the blend, enhance its aroma 
• the bean is uniformly roasted throughout. The “slow roasting” method therefore lies at the very “heart” of the artisan care and passion used by Caffè Mauro to obtain coffee that has been simply tastier for more than 60 years.

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